Colophon: a brief statement containing information about the publication such as the place of publication, the publisher, and the date of publication, usually with facts about its production. The word “colophon” comes from the Greek “κολοφών” meaning “summit” or “finishing touch.”

Digital Colophon: In the realm of digital and spirit of openness, colophon serves to outline the technologies and structure to manufacture this web product. What I consider a good example is the Gov.UK Colophon.

Without further delay, here is my digital colophon.

About this site

Place of manufacture: Toronto, Ontario, Canada and New York, NY, USA

Date of manufacture: July 2019 - present

Publisher: Andrew Kumar

Content Structure:

Tech Stack:

  • Cloudflare (DNS, WAF, CDN)
  • Netlify (Build, Deploy, CDN)
  • Gatsby + Lumen Starter (Static Build Engine)
  • Contentful + Netlify CMS (Content Management)
  • Github (Source code and version control)
  • Google Analytics (Tracking and Measurement)
  • Google Marketing Cloud (personalization) (removed, not used)
  • Optimizely rollouts (feature flags) (removed, not used)


Over time, my thoughts, lessons learned, and opinions change as I get access to new data, learn something new, or am persuaded by stronger logic.

As a result, the content you are viewing is in a constant state of revision with the aim of continuous improvement. Learn more about my kaizen knowledge system.

You can view the revision history of this content on Github.