![Andrew Kumar Digital Platform and Product Leader](https://res.cloudinary.com/ak-digital-garden/image/upload/c_fill,g_face,h_240,w_240/r_max/v1686544559/ak-head-ai_jkhs9o.webp) # Hello hello, world 🌏. I'm Andrew. I help organizations across the world make the web better, faster. My areas of focus are [[Leadership]], [[Digital Strategy]], [[Ecommerce]], [[Digital Platforms]], and [[MACH Architecture]]. Check out what I'm up to [[now]]. My roles and what I work on include: ### 1. Digital product and platform leader. As a technology strategy expert, I help digital leaders shape their tech stack, ways of working, digital ops, and talent acquisition and augmentation initiatives. Learn more about > [[Andrew Kumar]]. Learn more about this site > [[digital garden]]. ### 2. GVP at Uniform | Customer Solutions and Tech Partners. Uniform is an awesome startup helping organizations build better websites and apps in a way that enables contextual, anticipatory, and relevant experiences to all corners of the internet. I help customers solve their composable challenges, and align and rally tech partners along for the journey. Each engagement is like solving a puzzle. Learn more about > [[Uniform]] Book time with me > [🚀 Uniform Info Session](https://orders.uniform.dev/meetings/andrew-kumar-uniform/ak-uniform-info-session) ### 3. Co-Founder, KUMAR Ventures With KUMAR Digital Ventures, [[Lauren Kumar]] and I lead and advise digital platform companies, consult for digital teams, and manage investments. Learn more about > [[KUMAR Ventures]]. ## Contact Book a time > [☕ Virtual Coffee](https://orders.uniform.dev/meetings/andrew-kumar-uniform/ak-virtual-coffee)