Welcome to the new website and knowledge system of Andrew Kumar.

Welcome to the new website of Andrew Kumar.

This serves as my personal kaizen knowledge system.

The Japanese word Kaizen (改善) means “change for better”. The word refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small, in the same sense as the English word “improvement”.

Consider this the MVP: as I establish a content strategy and structure, learn and build my capabilities in the new tech stack, measure performance, gather feedback from my user base, and prototype.

I intend on writing my posts here from a place of storytelling using two frameworks I’ve found to be very useful:

Modes of Persuasion:

Ethos: credibility, subject matter expertise, personal story, reviews, social proof, qualifications

Pathos: appeal to emotions, metaphors, paint the picture, quotes, imagery, demonstrate agreement with underlying values of audience.

Logos: logical appeal, data, insights, quotes, surveys, statistics and studies.

Kairos: timing, urgency, next steps.

More about Modes of Persuasion on Wikipedia.


Situation: what is the environment I am in?

Objective: what am I trying to achieve?

Action: what are the steps I take?

Results: what are the intended outcomes? Did they materialize?

Aftermath: what did I learn? How do I make my learnings part of my new normal?

More about SOARA on Wikipedia.

Feedback is welcome. Please poke around and break things.


Over time, my thoughts, lessons learned, and opinions change as I get access to new data, learn something new, or am persuaded by stronger logic.

As a result, the content you are viewing is in a constant state of revision with the aim of continuous improvement.

You can view the revision history of this content on Github.