First to Market by Transforming Content Operations

“It took us a few years to really understand what it’s like to stand up a really strong digital architecture. We ended up standing up a bunch of different systems, and that’s where Contentful came in, as a solution to that problem.”

“It wasn’t your typical standard large monolithic CMS … so it allowed us to consolidate five to seven different systems into one. We’ve had repeated success using Contentful.”

Adopting an agile, modern approach (using platforms like Contentful and AWS) had enabled my team at TELUS Digital to dramatically improve our speed to market.

My team at TELUS Digital supported:

  • 500 Contentful Users
  • 255,000 Content Entries
  • 20M API calls / month
  • 12M+ Customers


  • Scalable infrastructure to support growing content and product portfolio
  • Agility and speed for a cross-functional and cross-geography digital team
  • Simplified and unified systems and processes


  • 4x faster to market through streamlined content operations (composable & reusable content objects)
  • +14% increase in conversions due to personalization integrations
  • +30% increase in page speed due to content infrastructure and CDN

When the Apple iPhone X launched, the new architecture and processes helped TELUS beat our competition to market – we were the only company in Canada to offer the new phone during the first 15 minutes after its release.

This all started with a POC for the Samsung S8, where our team reduced our go-to-market timeframe by an order of magnitude, improving speed to market from weeks to days.

Below is a screenshot of our architecture.

First to Market by Transforming Content Operations



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