Content Infrastructure at Scale with Contentful and TELUS

TELUS Digital — the in-house digital product agency for Canadian telecommunications company TELUS—serves 14 million Canadians with a team of ~450. As TELUS built its digital products, it accumulated a portfolio of homegrown and off-the-shelf technologies. Eventually, this led to a breaking point, which paved the way for the next evolution of the company’s platform and delivery methods.

Content Infrastructure at Scale with TELUS and Contentful

In an effort to deliver one-to-one experiences to customers, TELUS Digital started from scratch, creating a new content platform: set of centralized tools and services that enables team members to easily add, update, and deliver content (marketing, product, and pricing), including personalization and analytics, across all their digital properties. A cornerstone of this platform is the content infrastructure, which replaced seven preexisting CMSs and content repositories.

Rouven Wessling & Andrew Kumar offer an overview of the platform and explains why TELUS digital chose a content infrastructure over traditional CMS options.



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